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Milan Design Week 2021


Aqva by Artmest

AQVA is a gallery-like exhibition of new design pieces inspired by the theme of water, handmade by Italian artisans and showcased at the prestigious Senato Hotel.

WHERE : Hotel Senato, Via Senato, 22, 20121

WHEN:    5- 11 september 2021


1000 Vases

An out-of-the-ordinary exhibition demonstrating how fantasy can work endlessly on a single subject, and how beauty can take the most varied forms through different techniques and materials. 1000 VASES presents unique pieces made by hundreds of independent designers from 40 countries.

WHERE : SuperstudioPiù Via Tortona 27, 20144 

WHEN:    4 - 10 septembe


Roots to Matter

In the headquarters of 5Vie a reflection on the practice of design in its link with the cultural and material roots of the designers.

WHERE : Via Cesare Correnti 14, 20123

WHEN:    5- 10 september 2021